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Daily Monitor: Why green financing is attracting lenders’ appetite

Daily Monitor: Why green financing is attracting lenders’ appetite


Gorilla Conservation Coffee, among other green SMEs, and UGEFA’s green finance capacity building were showcased in a Daily Monitor Prosper article on "Why green financing is attracting lenders' appetite" in Uganda, published on Tuesday, 30 March.

Momentum is building among financial institutions, small and growing enterprises and larger corporates to do their part in ensuring an environmentally sustainable, resilient economy in Uganda. Enterprises across sectors - including waste management, manufacturing, tourism, transport and energy - are developing new green product or service lines and have innovated business models that place social and environmental sustainability at their core.

As Daily Monitor journalist, Christine Kasemiire, shares "Going green in addition to cutting production costs, is becoming a prerequisite for some lenders. Lenders can no longer block out the global alarm raised by world leaders as a call for action to mitigate climate change".

Green finance products and services are becoming more popular among financiers and SMEs alike. At UGEFA, we are committed to working with others to prove the business case for investing in green SME growth. Not only do green businesses offer products and services that combat major environmental threats, they have the skills, knowledge and vision to make sound financial investments that enable them to create quality jobs and drive economic development across value chains.

Read the full article at the Daily Monitor here.


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