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Introducing 22 newly selected green business joining the UGEFA Catalyser programme

We are pleased to announce a new group of 22 green enterprises that have been selected to join the UGEFA Catalyser programme with loan matchmaking support! Newly selected businesses are implementing disruptive business within the sectors of Clean energy, Green Manufacturing, Sustainable Mobility & Transport, Sustainable Tourism, and Urban Waste Management.

Meet some of them…

OneLamp is a solar asset finance company that provides off-grid small medium enterprises and households access to productive solar energy solutions through an affordable, mobile-enabled lease-to-own model. The company envisions a world where every off-grid African household and SME have access to zero-emission clean energy. 

Kambasco Technologies is a clean energy company that supplies solar home systems and power for productive use solar systems. Through the provision of affordable, sustainable and inclusive energy solutions, the company advocates for the improvement of the quality of life in off-grid communities.

Didaka General Services Limited offers high-quality home and lifestyle products made from recycled plastic and homestead waste. The enterprise uses reconstituted plastic lumber (Greenwood) made from waste plastic found in the street as a replacement for wood for furniture, decking and construction materials. The company engage in collecting waste from household to create briquettes that later can be used in their improved cookstoves. 

Wetu Commodities Limited produces and processes rice through a partnership with smallholder farmers. The company aims to increase rice productivity through the use of green techniques while increasing farmers' revenues. Through a system of rice intensification principles, the company reduces the number of artificial fertilizers used in rice production and promotes the use of organic fertilizers that replenish the fertility of the soil. Additionally, under their green rice production, less water is utilized thereby increasing efficiency in water usage.

Hornbiz Investments Ltd adds value to cow horns by transforming them into crafts with multiple decorative and practical usage such as semi-finished buttons, mugs, cups, key holders, necklaces, and earrings. Most of their manufactured goods are substitutes for imported plastic, and once these goods rot, they form manures and reintegrate into nature. 

Through rural and urban solid waste disposal, Katusabe Amooti General Traders has created a sustainable & lasting solution that enhances waste management practices by removing the negative impact of solid waste from the environment while employing youths and women groups. Furthermore, the company turn the collected waste into organic products i.e. organic manure. 

Heritage Dawn Safaris Ltd is a sustainable tourism company located in the heart of Mbarara alongside River Rwiz. The company provides a recreation centre facility for multiple recreational and social purposes. The Eco Leisure park has been designed to protect the boundaries of the river through the NEMA guidelines to manage at-risk swamps and rivers to protect the existing flora and fauna while demonstrating environmentally friendly upstream income-generating economic activities. 

Africa Intercultural Development Support is a company focused on urban waste management through the production of composite waste plastic roofing tiles. The company implements the Biogas Solution to Powering Kiln4Roofing Tile system to replace the use of firewood in the process of firing the kiln to produce composite waste plastic roofing tiles. The company targets low-income earners who are unable to purchase the usual clay roofing tile due to its high cost. Additionally, the company uses a biogas combustion system in the process of manufacturing, aiming at reducing environmental degradation, deforestation and plastic waste reduction.

Rwenzori Agricultural Quality Control Co. Ltd collects biowaste in Kasese town and neighbouring areas to feed black soldier flies, to later produce black soldier fly larvae that are used as an alternative protein to fish meal in livestock feed. During this process, the company also generates fast-acting organic fertilizer which is used to replenish soils. By removing biowaste from the environment, the company actively reduce pollution and significantly reduces fish consumption, hence, helping to mitigate the overfishing pressure in lakes. 


Do you want to get to know all the UGEFA-supported enterprises? Stay tuned to our channels and learn more about them and the support they receive!


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