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NTV: Why We Must Pivot to Green Economies

07 DEC 2021 | KAMPALA

"Green finance is all finance investing in topics that have an additional impact in terms of environmental benefits, biodiversity benefits or climate change mitigation". Green Enterprise Specialist Rainer Agster was interviewed at Morning At NTV on NTV Uganda to talk about what is green to UGEFA and how UGEFA supports green enterprises in Uganda.

During the conversation, it was highlighted the impact of UGEFA in the country, working with over 120 small and medium-sized enterprises to scale their businesses and help them access financing. For Rainer, the combination of non-financial support with financial support and financial facilitation mechanisms, like assisting enterprises to get funding from financial institutions is key in transitioning into a sustainable economy.

Asked about the possible resistance that would not want to transition to a greener economy, Rainer expressed how this is a minor - very small - group compared to the majority that actually sees the benefits of it. "What is new to develop can be green. (...) And in Uganda there is a huge interest in doing that". He says: "If you need growth, you want jobs. If you want jobs, take green jobs because there is a huge interest from investors -nationally and internationally - and from donors to invest in these jobs".

Rainer also took some time to promote and share insights from the Green Finance Dialogue Forum 2021, which happened on 09 December 2021.



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