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Ready, Set, Pitch! Preparing for pitching at the Uganda-EU Business Forum

Ready, Set, Pitch! Preparing for pitching at the Uganda-EU Business Forum

Every entrepreneur knows the feeling – whether you find yourself bumping into a potential partner at a networking event, or you’ve been invited to share about your business on stage. How can you distil your enterprise activities and goals into a few seconds? How do you know what to ask from your audience?

On the 24th of October, we tackled these questions with 34 enterprises who were invited to pitch at the Uganda-EU Business Forum in front of a high-level audience of investors, government partners, private sector and development partners. Using UGEFA’s mini pitching toolkit, enterprises refined their value proposition, structured their pitch and then practiced, receiving feedback from their peers and business advisors.

During the peer feedback, several tips and tricks were shared:

  1. Make it personal! Tell a story about you and your team and why you are investing time and energy into your enterprise
  2. Smile about your achievements. You have already come far – let the audience know what your major milestones are and show your excitement of having achieved them
  3. Target your pitch to your audience. If the audience is international, reference districts rather than specific towns where you are operating, and consider the currency of the investment amounts you are asking for
  4. Be creative about how you capture attention. You don’t always need a shock factor – sometimes the tone of your voice, your body language, or how you enter the stage is enough to get your audience to listen
  5. Practice, practice, practice! Get a wide range of perspectives and feedback on your pitch by practicing in front of a variety of audiences. You can then better pick and choose what feedback you respond to



On the day of the Uganda-EU Business Forum, the enterprises delivered well though-through and practiced pitches, capturing the attention of local and international investors and partners alike. We look forward to hearing about the partnerships developed as a result!


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