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Insights into green sectors with the UGEFA Sectoral Briefs

Insights into green sectors with the UGEFA Sectoral Briefs

Clean Energy | Green Manufacturing | Sustainable Tourism

25 November 2020

At UGEFA, we look to support enterprises that are generating environmental impacts – from providing green products and services, conserving biodiversity and reducing deforestation, to managing resource efficiency in their production process and reducing pollution and waste. What does a green enterprise look like in Uganda? What are their business models, what are their financing needs, and to which goals are they contributing?

To answer these questions, we hosted a series of conversations to dig deeper into green sectors and collate insights and experience. More than 50 participants joined us to discuss business models, financing needs and challenges, and success stories. We have assembled these insights into the first UGEFA sectoral briefs to provide a snapshot of the activities and financing needs of SMEs, and to identify areas for future action and collaboration.

Clean Energy Sectoral Brief

Download sectoral brief here.

Diversifying the energy mix, increasing energy efficiency, and extending access to electricity to rural areas are key goals of the Uganda Green Growth Development Strategy. In this sectoral brief, we outline the goals directing the sector, the types of impact we expect to see from clean energy SMEs, and the technologies SMEs bring to the market. Considering SMEs working with solar technologies, clean cookstoves, briquettes, biogas, and LPG, we map financing needs common to the sector and specific to these technologies.


Green Manufacturing Sectoral Brief

Download sectoral brief here.

Enterprises in green manufacturing play an important role in sourcing inputs sustainably, adopting cleaner production methods, integrating into the circular economy, and innovating in green packaging and distribution. This sectoral brief delves into the products that are commonly manufactured by SMEs in this sector such as processed food and drinks, cosmetics, textiles and clothing, construction materials, and everyday items. For these products, we consider the financing needs that are present for SMEs at start-up, operational, and growth stages.


Sustainable Tourism Sectoral Brief

Download sectoral brief here.

Tourism increasingly plays a central role in Uganda’s economy, while featuring strongly in Covid-19 recovery responses. In Uganda, the sector is dominated by SMEs and family-owned businesses. The tourism sector offers opportunities to generate income and jobs while protecting Uganda’s vast wildlife and biodiversity, and strengthening cultural heritage. This sectoral brief traces SME activities, impacts – with multiplier effects across sectors – and financing needs.


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