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Introducing newly selected green business joining UGEFA

Introducing newly selected green business joining UGEFA

We are pleased to announce a new group of 15 green enterprises that have been selected to join the 3-month UGEFA Catalyser Programme! Newly selected businesses are implementing disruptive business models within the sectors of

  • Urban Waste Management
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Clean energy
  • Sustainable Tourism

Krystal Ice Limited is a green manufacturing enterprise that processes fruits from smallholder farmers to make healthy, quality nutritious products. The fruits are processed to make frozen treats called “icepops”. Currently, the enterprise offers six icepop types that are distributed and sold in supermarkets, schools, events play centres and hotels.

Wild is another enterprise working in the green manufacturing sector with the mission to change the coffee industry and reduce global inequality. The company aims to be involved in the entire value chain of coffee production (from source to selling the final product directly to the end consumer). With this approach, they can keep five times more value at the source which also is reflected in a higher income for their farmer. 

Whitesky 256 SMC Limited is an enterprise that recycles industrial refinery wastes of locally grown Agricultural produce like soybean, avocado oil, palm oil etc. to manufacture laundry bar soaps. The company sells these products to the community at affordable prices to contribute to improving hygiene.

Erussi Village Cooperative Savings and Credit Society is a clean energy enterprise that provides financial and non-financial services to the members and communities of Nebbi. The company promotes clean energy services such as small and medium solar home systems and clean cooked stoves to underserved communities to reduce their dependence on biomass and reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

AEN Holdings Ltd is a company within the urban waste management sector that focuses on the reduce, reuse and recycle strategy in a bid to reduce the amount of waste that ends in landfills. They work with several factories that generate considerable waste. The company also offers consultancy in environmental and social impact assessment studies. 

Devine Clean Services is another enterprise working in the urban waste management sector. They offer services like cleaning, garbage/waste management, landscaping and gardening services and flowers and tree maintenance. 

Sustainable Tourism is another relevant sector in Uganda. La Faisal Graphics Ltd is a company that promotes sustainable tourism, tree planting, community-guided nature walks and caring for pygmies’ communities that were affected during resettlement to pave way for Bwindi National Park in the southern sector.

Green Creek Ecofarm Ltd is an agribusiness focused on circular agriculture. They work on finding sustainable alternative solutions towards animal feeds and implement insect farming like the black soldier flies as an alternative affordable source of protein.

Jambo Roses Limited is an enterprise that aims to generate a positive impact on the environment through the improvement of the process of planting, monitoring, harvesting and exporting. The company has a recyclable water treatment (and water harvesting) programme to ensure most chemicals used are not dumped into the lake. Additionally, the company grows crops that are complemented by the existence of the natural forest as opposed to cutting it down. 

B&S Group of Companies Ltd is an enterprise focused on the trade, supply, distribution & exportation of a variety of fresh & dried agricultural produce namely fruits, legumes, cereals, pulses & coffee. Currently, they have a presence in over 15 countries across the globe.

Do you want to get to know all the UGEFA-supported enterprises? Stay tuned to our channels and learn more about them and the support they receive!


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